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Barbara Corcoran in Arizona

I am so fascinated by Barbara Corcoran. While going through some business coaching recently I was asked to find people who are in my same field. People I admire, or whose brand and message I like. Barbara Corcoran is one of them. I love her branding, her personality, her ingenuity. How inspiring to create a business, sell it, then to be able to invest in other’s businesses. To have financial freedom; that’s the goal.

Recently I had the opportunity to see Barbara at an event in Arizona. Leading up to the event I was interviewing and writing about my grandmother. What I realized is that all the things I admire about Barbara Corcoran are things that my grandmother has done as well. My grandma might not be a millionaire (although she’s close), but like Barbara she rebounded from a devastating break-up to make smart financial decisions. They both invested, are ingenious, and very personable. While Barbara invests in stranger’s businesses, my grandmother has invested in her family. She has paid for college classes, paid for great-grandkids to stay in college dorms, to go to camps, and things that contributed to our education and development. She has taken us on vacations, to celebratory meals, and has been there to mentor and encourage. She has been my life coach and my money mentor. So as much as I admire and respect Barbara Corcoran, I am sorry to say that her position as my idol has been demoted to second place.

What this realization means to me is that I don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to make a difference in other’s lives. I can be an inspiration and invest in them emotionally and financially without being on Shark Tank or in New York or Hollywood. While Barbara’s bright colors and big smile are charming, my grandmother welded ships in WWII. That’s bad ass! Sorry Barbara, I’ve got a new hero.

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